Strong: in Hebrew, the word is chazaq (pronounced kah*zahk); meaning to be courageous,
valiant, manly, strengthened, established, firm, fortified, mighty, strengthened by Yahweh.
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Scrapbook- Good Times!

Spiritual sons celebrating Matt's 44th Birthday at Krepe Park! (May 2013)

Matt with Apostle Benjamin (left) and King Danny (right)!

Matt with the two prophets! (Elijah and Dwight)

Matt with Cupbearer Kyle!

Matt cutting the cake!

Prophet Dwight Alexander officially became a member of Faith Center in Rockford Illinois! The best is yet to come for you, son!

Celebrating Pastor Kevin and Apostle Benjamin's Birthday! (April 2013). God is raising up kings, apostles, prophets, and pastors!

Youth Becoming Leader's Remnant of Valor Program receives grant from the Freeport Community Foundation! Thank you FCF! Our very own Danny Thomas received our award and spoke for ROV! Way to go, King Danny!

Happy Birthday Danny! (October 2012)

Breaking bread at Joe's Pizza! August 2012




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